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Easy to Be Fitted in Any Corner of Your Home with the Rounded Edges and 115°Angle of View

It’s easy for you to mount it on a wall, put it on a table or install it on the ceiling. It can cover most of irregular rooms with an ultra wide 115°angle of view.



Keep An Eye on Your Home,Wherever You Are

Use your PC or mobile devices to see who is pulling in to your driveway orwho is knocking at the front door. Watch your baby sleeping peacefully in her cradle.Witness your pet make troubles for you, such as tearing up your sofa. Keep track of visitors in your place.Inspect the care from caregivers to your elderly parents.

Accurately monitor your home with Passive Infrared Detector

C1 detects human heat and sifts moving objects automatically with the help of passive infrared detector (PIR), so that you will not be annoyed by the falsealerts from a buzzing fly or drifting leaves.

Never Miss The Big Moments in Virtue of Local Video Storage

Keep a record of important events and memories with the help of C1. Its microSD card with 32GB capacity can support local video storage. Choose therecording model for your camera, such as continuous recording and recording at scheduledtimes. Or you can minimize the recording time and storage space,then C1 will record only when motion and sound are detected.

Many Littles Add up to Something Cool

“11 IR-LEDs are hidden beneath the gloss black mirrorperfectly, which makes C1 beautifully well-formedand simplified.1.5mm matte black shelloffers 100% protection, which makes C1 sleek and stable.”


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