Ezviz Wi-Fi Battery Smart Door Viewer


Turn your regular door lens into a smart video viewer

The DPI is an intelligent wireless door-to-door projector with motion detection feature that lets you see and talk to the person in front of your door. Thanks to HD video and full-duplex communication, you’ll never be late for any visitor.



The touch screen is easy to use and smart

The DP1 replaces the traditional door lens with a smart door-mounted projector. It comes with a 4.3-inch color touch screen placed on inside of the door.

When a visitor rings the bell, the color touch screen will turn on automatically. When you walk towards the front door, you see the person on the other side for a comfortable touch.

Instant alert for 24/7 protection

The DP1 comes with smart motion detection, so it takes photos and sends you real-time alerts when someone is in front of your door.

Real-time video playback

The camera has built-in bells, to alert you and provide you with real-time video on your internal screen and smartphone.

High definition video with wide angle view

With its wide-angle 720p high-definition commercial-grade lens, the DP1 offers a wider field of view outside the home.

Ultra-clear night vision

With night vision of up to 3 meters, the DP1 delivers crystal-clear images – even during the night. The unit automatically switches between day and night modes.

High quality and solid structure

Its sturdy and durable zinc alloy body indicates that the DP1 can withstand vandalism and prevent its removal without wanting.

Long battery life

The DP1 delivers a long battery life with less power consumption because it has a built-in 4600mAh rechargeable lithium battery.


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